Operating Results

Below are the RelyOn Credit Union operating results for year-end 2022 (unaudited)


Loans to Members$72,692,455
Cash & Investments$13,947,361
Fixed Assets$4,217,054
Other Assets$1,469,934
Total Assets$92,326,804

Liabilities & Equity

Member Deposits$81,435,383
Reserves & Retained Earnings$7,950,775
Total Liabilities & Equity$92,326,804


Interest Income from Loans$4,816,806
Interest Income from Investments$169,630
Fees & Miscellaneous$2,132,655
Total Income$7,119,091

Operating Expenses

Salaries & Benefits$3,159,653
Office Occupancy$365,808
Office Operations$833,439
Professional & Outside Services$1,504,364
All Other Expenses$699,676
Total Expenses$6,562,941
Loan Loss Provision$447,854
Dividends & Interest Paid$397,520
Net Gain/(Loss)$2,053,971
Net Income$1,764,747
Total Members8,266
Loans Made to Members$40,126,618
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