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RelyOn has certified financial counselors.

Basically, it’s a fancy way of describing someone who can sit with you, one-on-one, to develop a plan and advance your financial goals. Even when you’re unsure what those goals are. Think of them like a tour guide for your financial journey. Free to use and of course, free from judgement.

Meet Valeria

Valeria’s a relatively new face at RelyOn, but this Loan Processor from the Kaufman Service Center is focused on long-term plans.

“If I had an extra $1,000, I would take advantage of the CD rates,” she explains.

She’s got the inside scoop on making your money work for you. Her top tip? After covering the bills, divvy up that cash into “Spend” and “Save” categories. “This can help you better identify needs versus wants with your spending money,” she says.

Valeria also loves going to the movie theater. Unfortunately, that’s usually a long-term plan she can’t quite stick to.

“What tends to happen 9 times out of 10 is I will fall asleep halfway through the movie,” she says.

Bonus fun fact: Valeria is bilingual! She’s fluent in both English and Spanish. Swing by, say ‘hola’ or ‘hello’, and chat about movies or money – she’s got you covered on both fronts

Meet Alan

Say hello to Alan – RelyOn’s rising star! From acing it as a Teller to rocking it as a Community Development Officer in just 4 years, he’s the epitome of hustle.

One thing Alan’s not rushing into? Debt. “Who wants a monthly payment anyway?” he says.

For Alan, the money-saving game is a team sport and the whole family should be involved. Just like with any goal, getting started and staying committed to saving is a key to success.

While Alan’s a pro at money, he’s a bit of a novice when it comes to…well…walking. A self-confessed klutz, he’s taken his fair share of tumbles.

“It helps me stay humble,” he says. “I definitely don’t take myself too seriously.”

Alan would love talking to you (while sitting down, of course) about money in either English or Spanish.

Meet Jill


Roll out the red carpet for Jill – RelyOn’s sparkling Executive Assistant! While she’s relatively new to the RelyOn fam, Jill’s passion for all things money shines bright.

Find something online that’s not a necessity, but you’re itching to click the buy button? Jill knows what that’s like. That’s why she uses the 48-hour rule and waits two full days before pulling the trigger. “This prevents impulse spending,” she explains. “I’m a big online shopper and this helps me not spend as much.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself now and then. If she fell into an extra bit of money, Jill would divide it up to pay off debt, pad the savings, and treat herself.

If you’re looking for a mantra to pin on your wall, Jill’s got you: “Financial success doesn’t happen overnight! Stay consistent with building good habits.”

A little inside scoop: Jill’s still navigating the vast ocean of finance herself. “I know that there is a lot that can be overwhelming when starting out on your journey to financial success,” she says. “I learn more every day.”

So, whether you want to chat smart spending, share an online shopping win, or just laugh over the latest money meme, Jill’s your gal – and always with a friendly, “I’ve been there” smile.

Meet Mark

Meet Mark, aka “Sparky” – an extra-bright Service Banker at our Kaufman service center.

His top money tip? Pay yourself first. ““Make a budget to see what extra funds you have and decide how much you want to put into savings every month,” he says. “Once you get paid, move those funds to your savings account first and then pay your bills.”

When it comes to extra unexpected cash, Mark recommends pointing it toward any debt and making it disappear. But that doesn’t mean he’s not generous. In fact, his Money Mantra is to “give when you can and never try to live above your means.”

Now, let’s talk about that electrifying nickname. Why Sparky? Well, Mark’s all about igniting fun and joy wherever he goes! From goofy skits at family gatherings to taking on a slime challenge for laughs, he’s the jolt of positive energy we all need.

So, whether you’re looking to light up your savings plan or simply share a chuckle, Sparky… erm, Mark is your go-to guy at RelyOn.

Meet Andi

Introducing Andi, your dynamic Service Banker who speaks English, Spanish, and French (well, french fries actually).

Andi’s pro-tip for saving is figuring out your final goal number, then breaking it down. “Split it into monthly terms,” he advises. “Then set a reasonable monthly minimum you can afford.” Simple math, major savings!

Now, if he stumbled into an extra $1,000? Straight to a CD it goes. It’s all about making the money work while it rests.

Andi’s finance philosophy could also be a good one for life in general. “Think ahead, research, and seek help when needed.”

One thing he never needs help with? Eating fries. “I’m part of the no fry left behind association,” he says proudly.

Drop by, share some savings goals, or maybe even your favorite fry spot – with Andi, you’re in for both expert advice and fun.

Meet Wendy

If you’ve been to our Forney branch, you may recognize Wendy. Outstanding member service is kind of her thing. She has worked as a teller, a loan officer and a service banker. She has also managed our Service Center.

It’s no surprise that she is passionate about helping our members and people in our communities improve their financial situation.

“I know helping others achieve their goals makes for a happy place,” she said. “Sitting down and walking people through things they think are difficult to understand, and simplifying those things for someone is very rewarding. I want to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

If you want to know what Wendy is like as a financial wellness counselor, just see how she treats animals. “I live on three acres over filled with animals. They bring me joy like nothing else in this world,” she said.

The other loves of her life are her husband of more than 20 years, her two sons and her three grandsons.

Meet Bopa

Meet Bopa. She used to be one of our video bankers. She’s also worked as a Contact Center supervisor and area manager here at RelyOn. Bopa is another employee who finds joy in helping others.

“I love helping members find ways to save money for personal needs and large purchases,” she said. “I enjoy spending time breaking down the financial world lingo on their personal accounts so they can better manage their money.”

Bopa also has mad photography skills (like – really mad skills), and she’s not picky about what you call her.

“My full name is four syllables and people have a hard time pronouncing it: SO-CHE-BO-PA,” she said. “I go by the last four letters of my name – BOPA, but people still hear it differently. I’ve been called Boba, Mocha, Oprah and even Barbara. One of my long-time members still calls me Mocha to this day, and I am ok with it.”

Bopa speaks English and Khmer (a Cambodian language).

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