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RelyOn has certified financial counselors.

Basically, it’s a fancy way of describing someone who can sit with you, one-on-one, to develop a plan and advance your financial goals. Even when you’re unsure what those goals are. Think of them like a tour guide for your financial journey. Free to use and of course, free from judgement.

Meet Jill


Roll out the red carpet for Jill – RelyOn’s sparkling Executive Assistant! While she’s relatively new to the RelyOn fam, Jill’s passion for all things money shines bright.

Find something online that’s not a necessity, but you’re itching to click the buy button? Jill knows what that’s like. That’s why she uses the 48-hour rule and waits two full days before pulling the trigger. “This prevents impulse spending,” she explains. “I’m a big online shopper and this helps me not spend as much.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself now and then. If she fell into an extra bit of money, Jill would divide it up to pay off debt, pad the savings, and treat herself.

If you’re looking for a mantra to pin on your wall, Jill’s got you: “Financial success doesn’t happen overnight! Stay consistent with building good habits.”

A little inside scoop: Jill’s still navigating the vast ocean of finance herself. “I know that there is a lot that can be overwhelming when starting out on your journey to financial success,” she says. “I learn more every day.”

So, whether you want to chat smart spending, share an online shopping win, or just laugh over the latest money meme, Jill’s your gal – and always with a friendly, “I’ve been there” smile.

RelyOn employee Wendy is smiling and ready to help.

Meet Wendy

If you’ve been to our Forney branch, you may recognize Wendy. Outstanding member service is kind of her thing. She has worked as a teller, a loan officer and a service banker. She has also managed our Service Center.

It’s no surprise that she is passionate about helping our members and people in our communities improve their financial situation.

“I know helping others achieve their goals makes for a happy place,” she said. “Sitting down and walking people through things they think are difficult to understand, and simplifying those things for someone is very rewarding. I want to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

If you want to know what Wendy is like as a financial wellness counselor, just see how she treats animals. “I live on three acres over filled with animals. They bring me joy like nothing else in this world,” she said.

The other loves of her life are her husband of more than 20 years, her two sons and her three grandsons.

Meet Nay

Looking to add a little fun to your finances? Look no further than our self-proclaimed gamer girl, Nay. Our resident Accounting Specialist loves playing all genres of games and also loves to draw and create animations. Just imagine how handy she is at helping you find creative solutions to your financial challenges.

This is the advice she lives by. “If you can’t pay for it with debit, don’t buy it on credit. Credit cards are just IOU’s your future you will need to pay. Focus on building up a savings.”

Ready to transform your finances? Nay might just be your girl.

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