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Financial Well-being in the Workplace

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Financial stress is a very real problem for some of your employees. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that follows them to work every day, and then it becomes your company’s problem.

Financial stress at home:

  • Reduces workplace productivity
  • Increases absenteeism
  • Impacts employee physical and mental well-being

RelyOn’s Financial Wellness in the Workplace is a FREE program for employers in Kaufman and Dallas which provides education and tools to help employees feel more secure and confident about thier finances.


Program Benefits

  • FREE employee benefit for your company
  • RelyOn does all the work
  • One-on-one financial coaching for employees (on their own time)
  • Free financial education resources for employees
  • Workplace workshops and other events available
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved employee mental and physical health
  • Higher employee morale



  • 33% of full-time employees admit money worries have negatively impacted their productivity at work.
  • 57% of employees say finances are a top cause of stress.
  • 53% of employees are worried about increasing expenses.
  • 74% of employees want help with their personal finances.

Source: PwC 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey

Happy, financially secure employees can help your organization increase retention, improve productivity, and supercharge employee engagement.

Call, text us or email us to start offering this free employee benefit to your employees.

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